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Schedule: From 09:00 PM to 09:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Colors Last Updated: 15 - Dec - 2017
Karmafal Data Shani is an Indian mythological historic drama series which is based on Indian god of deeds – Shani. The show has been premiered on 7 November 2016 telecast on Colors TV. The story of the Shani series is based on the biography of Lord Shani who is famed for his wrath in the Hindu Mythology. The ‘Shani’ recites unsung stories about Shani, his childhood and how the journey was struggled even for god. It also allows people to see God Shani as new perspective and not as just an ‘omen god’. The serial features Kartikeya Malviya as young Shani who has been popular for kids acting reality show India’s best Dramebaz. Some other prominent cast of the show are Salil Akola as Suryadev who is well-known television and film actor as well former international cricket player, Kumkum famed Juhi Parmar as Saranyu, Diwakar Pundir as Vishnu, Tarun Khanna as Shiva and lot more known faces of industry. The show is created by Siddhart Kumar Tewary under the production banner of Swastika Production who is popular for shows like Mahabharata, Mahakali, Bal Krishna and Yam hain Hum. The mythological drama also dubbed into Telugu telecast on Gemini TV and very well taken by the audience all across the country. The show is written by Siddhart Kumar Tewary, Utkarsh Naithani and Vinod Sharma and directed by Kamal Moonga, Aviraj D and Sumit Thakur. Shani is one of the most promising shows in Mythological genre on television right now, greeting appreciations from audience as well as grabbing high TRP rates.