Schedule: From 09:00 PM to 09:30 PM (Mon-Sat) on Sony-TV Last Updated: 09 - Nov - 2017
Beyhadh is an Indian television romantic thriller serial which was premiered on 11th October on Sony Entertainment Television India and Asia. The show is about a psycho thriller genre along with love and hatred plots. The show airs on prime-time slot of 9 pm Monday to Friday. The basic concept of the show recites about crossing the limits of love where it turns into the obsession and revolves around the idea say ‘nothing is good more than the need’. The romance thriller soap opera features Jennifer Winger, Kushal Tondon and Aneri Vanjani into a love triangle where Maya (Jennifer Winget), an eccentric person owns a fashion magazine desperately fall in love with her employee Arjun (Kushal Tondon), who is a photographer. Maya is sociopath having history of being victimized and bullied by her own father through childhood and now turned her a cold-hearted ambitious and stubborn woman obsessed with love of Arjun who is innocent and confused enough to get into her eventually. Above all this, it also shows a true and childhood friendship of Arjun with Saanjh (Aneri Vanjani )who works at law firm and secretly love Kushal. The show is created by Prateek Sharma and directed by Vikram B, Labhe. The whole story revolves around these particular three characters that are Maya, Arjun and Saanjh where their paths crosses each other in various dynamics. Apart from these leads, the ambitious daily soap produced by cinevistaas features Rajesh Khattar, Sumit Bhardwaj, Imran Khan, Vibha Bhagat, Sharad Vyas and Swati Shah. The show sketches the comparison of obsession of love vs selfless love. The cinematography, various locations, talented casts and modern love story strings all in drama hang in-between love and hatred. Saanjh’s untold love towards Arjun and Maya’s obsessed love towards Arjun is two side of love one can relate to this world. Jennifer Winget specially has been appreciated for her anti-hero role in the series of being sociopath and intense lover, not to forget her strong and bold personality as independent business woman.

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